Glendoveer Golf and Tennis PondHawk Installations

In July 2016, the Glendoveer Golf Courses in Portland, Oregon installed three PondHawk solar-powered pond aeration systems.
Pondhawk installed near pond in Glendoveer

With no flowing water, the ponds developed an algae problem that led to an imbalance that contributed to the decay of the natural habitat and a breeding ground for mosquitos. To remediate the problem, Glendoveer looked to a more progressive and safer alternative by aerating the water.

Glendoveer has three PondHawk systems tending their ponds.

The PondHawk XL three diffuser system is helping to improve the water quality on the asymmetrical pond located on the 12th fairway of the West Course. Two PondHawk dual diffuser systems are installed on the challenging East Course, one on the long narrow pond between 1 and 10 fairways and another on the pond on 3 fairway.

Before PondHawk® Before Pondhawk the water is covered in algae.
After PondHawk®

Glendoveer Golf and Tennis is a leader in environmental practices and certified in the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Golf Program since 2001. Located on 148th and NE Glisan Street in Portland, this facility has two excellent 18 hole courses. John Stenzel designed the East Course in 1926, while adding the West Course in 1928.