Hillside Park Ribbon Cutting

Hillside Park Ribbon Cutting at Newark’s newest park October 28

Join us at the celebration of the official opening of Hillside Park!

Hillside Park - A Stormwater Demonstration Park
Hillside Park – A Stormwater Demonstration Park

We will be onsite to answer questions about the PondHawk systems. Contact us to arrange a meeting time.

Learn more about the celebration at Newark’s newest park | News | newarkpostonline.com

Hillside Park, formerly known as the Rodney Dorm Stormwater Project, installed two PondHawk solar-powered pond aeration systems on the new stormwater retention basin.

“It is our honor to have PondHawk tending the pond in our hometown,” said Sandra Burton, co-founder of LINNE Industries, the Delaware manufacturer of PondHawk. “LINNE Industries respects the leadership and community of Newark for developing this state-of-the-art stormwater management facility.”

The new Hillside Park in Newark, Delaware, features a state-of-the-art stormwater management facility and recreational and educational components. The new stormwater demonstration project is located at the site of the former University of Delaware’s Caesar Rodney Residence Hall Complex. After serving students for nearly 50 years, the Rodney Dorm Complex was closed for good in May 2015.

In October 2021, LINNE Industries worked with the team at Kent Construction Company to install the PondHawk systems at the park. PondHawk is a solar-powered pond aeration system that delivers algae-eliminating bubbles to any pond anywhere without the expense of power delivery costs, electricity, and peak demand charges. PondHawk’s fully integrated and quiet design will not obstruct the property’s beauty or negatively impact the experience for the community.

As part of the park’s innovative water treatment train, PondHawk’s water aeration joins other best management practices that reduce harmful nutrients and chemicals that go downstream.

When PondHawk is combined with community stormwater hygiene, rainwater harvesting, bioswales, and rain gardens, the best practices work together to reduce the nutrients entering the water, improve the water quality once it arrives in the pond, and send cleaner water downstream when it storms.

About the Project

Hillside Park is designed as a stormwater demonstration project so communities from around the region can visit and learn more about best management practices. “More importantly, members of homeowner associations can see the practices in use,” Burton explained.  “Known as the “treatment train,” improving stormwater starts a long way from the pond edge. By reducing and better managing lawn fertilizer applications, you can do your part by eliminating nutrients that reach the sidewalks, streets, and gutters. Communities can consider using rain barrels and bioswales to reduce or slow the water heading for the storm drain. By employing a series of best management practices on the way to the pond and using PondHawk for the water that reaches the pond, the water leaving Hillside Park will be better than when it arrived.”

About LINNE Industries and PondHawk

LINNE Industries is the manufacturer of the PondHawk® Solar-Powered Pond Aeration System. Founded in 2013 and based in Delaware, LINNE Industries is an applied solar energy technology company that designs and manufactures sustainable energy products. The company’s products improve the environment while providing best-in-class energy systems that deliver dynamic solutions for customers. The patented PondHawk is the first fully integrated solar-powered pond aeration system that delivers algae-eliminating bubbles to improve water quality and restores habitat without electric or power delivery costs.

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