PondHawk Brings a Modern Solar-Pond-Aeration Solution to Historic Wiley Cloud Farm

The Wiley Cloud Farm in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is steeped in history.
Wiley cloud farm after installing Pond Hawk solar-aeration system.

This former dairy farm was once purchased from William Penn's daughter. In the 1990s, the family matriarch subdivided the farm, leaving the house and a parcel of land as a national conservation site. Fun fact: The family used the 1/3-acre pond as a fresh water swimming pool.

PondHawk solar aerator is already bubbling after being installed.

To this historic setting, the PondHawk added a modern solar-pond-aeration systems in 2016.

The PondHawk aerator added bubbles to the water which work to precipitate out the nitrogen and phosphorus. Now, the pond that had once sat neglected for decades, is beautiful, bubbling and healthy.

Before PondHawk® Wiley Pond before installing PondHawk
After PondHawk® Wiley pond after installing PondHawk