Transforming Landscapes: PondHawk and CEO Sandra Burton’s Participation in the Evergreen Heritage Center Tech Expo

Transforming Landscapes: PondHawk and CEO Sandra Burton's Participation in the Evergreen Heritage Center Tech Expo

Transforming Landscapes_PondHawk and CEO Sandra Burton's Participation in the Evergreen Heritage Center Tech Expo


In today’s world, where environmental conservation is becoming increasingly crucial, innovative solutions harmonizing nature and technology emerge as beacons of hope. One remarkable company leading the charge is PondHawk, a trailblazer in sustainable ecosystem management. At the upcoming Evergreen Heritage Center Tech Expo on June 25, 2023, PondHawk’s CEO, Sandra Burton, will showcase the company’s groundbreaking technology and its commitment to preserving natural resources while embracing technological advancements.

Preserving the Evergreen Heritage Center:

The Evergreen Heritage Center, nestled in the picturesque countryside, is a hub for ecological education, research, and community engagement. Their Tech Expo provides a platform for businesses and organizations to showcase environmentally friendly technological advancements. Sandra Burton recognized the significance of participating in this event, not only to promote PondHawk but also to contribute to the conservation efforts undertaken by the Evergreen Heritage Center.

PondHawk’s Innovative Solution:

PondHawk’s core mission revolves around sustainable pond management. Traditional methods of maintaining ponds often involve the use of harmful chemicals or excessive water usage, resulting in ecological imbalances. However, PondHawk revolutionized the industry with solar-powered aerators that enhance water quality and promote ecosystem health without harming the environment.

Harnessing Solar Power:

Sandra Burton’s passion for environmental sustainability is evident in PondHawk’s commitment to solar power. Their aerators are entirely powered by the sun, eliminating the need for grid electricity or fossil fuels. By utilizing clean and renewable energy, PondHawk not only reduces carbon emissions but also sets an example for other industries to follow suit.

Balancing Nature and Technology:

PondHawk’s participation in the Evergreen Heritage Center Tech Expo exemplifies its dedication to finding the delicate balance between nature and technology. Their innovative approach combines cutting-edge engineering with a deep understanding of ecological systems, ensuring that their products positively impact both the environment and the communities they serve.

Empowering Local Communities:

Sandra Burton’s leadership extends beyond technological advancements. Under her guidance, PondHawk actively collaborates with local communities to promote education and awareness about sustainable ecosystem management. By engaging with schools, environmental organizations, and conservation agencies, PondHawk aims to empower individuals to become stewards of their local environments.

The Impact of PondHawk’s Participation:

The Evergreen Heritage Center Tech Expo provides an ideal platform for PondHawk to showcase its groundbreaking technology and foster meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and organizations. We believe Sandra Burton’s participation in the event will not only raise awareness about PondHawk’s innovative solutions but also inspire others to rethink their approach to environmental conservation.

Event Details: Credit Evergreen Heritage Center

June 25 at 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm FREE

Join Evergreen Heritage Center for our first Tech Expo on June 25th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.!

At this FREE event, learn about Evergreen’s latest tech innovations, participate in interactive activities and demonstrations including:

  • Micro-Hydro Energy Demo
  • Solar Net Metering Demo
  • Pond Aeration
  • Solar Charging Demo
  • Rural High Speed Fiber

Learn about how Evergreen uses alternative energy sources and see how they work! Great Tech Door Prizes available as well!

Sponsored in part by the Maryland Energy Administration, Appalachian Regional Commission, Potomac Edison, FirstEnergy, Armstrong Insurance, The Belt Group, American Woodmark, AES Warrior Run, Frostburg State University, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Appalachian Lab, and Allegany College!
PondHawk installation at Heritage


PondHawk’s CEO, Sandra Burton, and her team continue to lead the charge in revolutionizing sustainable ecosystem management. Participation in the Evergreen Heritage Center Tech Expo will testify to their commitment to harmonizing nature and technology. By leveraging solar power and embracing innovative solutions, PondHawk is transforming landscapes and paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future. With passionate individuals like Sandra Burton at the helm, we can look forward to a world where technology and environmental preservation walk hand in hand.

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