Leasing Program


LINNE Industries Now Offers Leasing Program For PondHawk® Solar Pond Aerator

PondHawk’s low-maintenance solution delivers the cost savings you’ve been looking for. Sub-surface aeration lowers the long-term cost of future dredging and reduces your need for chemicals or chemical applications for algae management. What’s more, since PondHawk is a solar powered system, you get all this without an electric bill.

LINNE Industries offers a national leasing program so that any golf course or home owner association anywhere can afford our cost-saving system.

Benefits of Leasing

Convert your capital investment into an operational expense
Leverage your cost savings and pay over time


Simple – One-page application process
Fast – Approval in less than one hour
Flexible – Terms that fit your cash flow

Environmentally Friendly

PondHawk is quiet, doesn’t require a lot of space‚ and reduces the need for chemicals‚ making it the most environmentally friendly solution on the market.

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