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Each quarter we canvas the industry’s most reliable sources to bring you up-to-date and relevant information on aquatic research, Best Management Practices (BMPs) and methods that help keep your water assets healthy. Additionally, our BRIEFS are presented as concise summaries, giving you what you need to know quickly. Subjects range from water management and monitoring to water quality issues to pond habitat and more. All are designed to keep you informed, knowledgeable and current.

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Notable Improvement in Water Quality

The pondhawk system—using solar aeration—delivers notable improvements in dissolved oxygen levels and temperature distribution through the water column without disruption to the existing infrastructure.


Simplicity and sustainability

By using solar power, PondHawk is a streamlined solution that saves you money and resources on pond maintenance and aquatic health.

With PondHawk Solar Powered Pond Aerator, the expensive manpower, harsh chemicals, and oftentimes inaccessible electricity traditionally required for effective pond maintenance is obsolete. 

Save time, save money, save manpower. 
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